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Friday, September 12, 2003
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K. David

Friday, September 05, 2003
A Very Brady America: Being Robbed, Raped and Murdered In Your Own Home!
Sarah and James Brady say you do NOT have a right to self defense. Or at least this, in so many words, is what they are quoted as saying. So, who are they to be able to make a statement like that? Well, to put it simply, James was not able to exercise self defense when he was shot in the head, so why should you be able to? I mean if Jim can take a bullet for America, America, at the very least, should be able to handle being robbed, raped and murdered for Jim and Sarah's ideals.

As the mouthpiece and poster child for gun control, Sarah and Jim respectively, continue to attempt to ram their sick view of society down American throats. In a Brady America honest and decent citizens would be severely prosecuted for the mere possession of a gun. In fact, exercising your right to defend yourself and your family would guarantee you a stint in prison. This even while the Brady's KNOW that by outlawing handguns, violent crime would increase dramatically. However, this is a price they are willing for you to pay in order to achieve their goals. When asked about their position on self defense, they indicated that the police are in charge of your defense, not you. The fact that police are totally incapable of defending you is irrelevant (the courts have also established that the police have NO obligation to defend the individual...only the public). It is reasonable to the Brady's that a disarmed citizenry is far more important than the resulting dramatic increase in violent attacks against said citizens.

How did the Brady's become this callous and malevolent? In my opinion, they have become this way out of a thirst for revenge and pure vindictiveness! Taking advantage of the overwhelming public sympathy for Jim's gunshot injuries, the Brady's used his tragic circumstances to promote an agenda guaranteed to cause a great deal of bloodshed and misery. Just like THEY suffered in America. In fact, because the police (read Secret Service) could not defend Jim from being shot and his government career ruined they seem to feel that America needs to "feel their pain". However, this isn't figuratively it is definitely quite literally. So, at the risk of being labeled an insensitive lout, I am willing to state, out loud, that I think the Brady's plans for America are driven by pure hate and evil!

I don't think they care about anything but themselves. I have seen no evidence that they care about the plight of poor people stuck in bad neighborhoods. These folks, with only an inexpensive revolver standing between their families and the criminals bent on robbing, raping and murdering them, stand to suffer the most under a Brady America. Is the "crime" of poverty so heinous that such people deserve to be victims of violent crime in their own homes? Do you think the so-called "nobility" of victimhood is sufficient recompense for having your family murdered and/or your daughter and your wife raped?

While doing just the most minimal amount of digging, it becomes quickly apparent that the statistics and so-called studies they present are exaggerated, misquotes and outright lies. How do they get away with this? Well, in the case of Michael A. Bellesiles, the discredited and fired author of "Arming of America" (a compilation of fabrications and manipulated data that has been used by anti-gun groups to "prove" that America does not have a history of gun ownership. They indicate that it is purely a modern obsession) they just quietly quit talking about him and his book. No retractions, no apologies just silence. In fact, when they are caught spreading bogus data, the response is always the same. Either no response or attempts at defaming the individuals responsible for them getting caught. Borrowing tactics from Hitler's Germany, they use the "Big Lie" format. Lie to the people often enough and with enough vigor, and they will eventually believe what you are saying. This even when you are clearly demonstrated to be lying. I suppose in their twisted minds, the end justifies the means.

I'm sorry, but the "hands off" policy of the media towards the Brady's is coming to an end. Just because James Brady suffered a horrible and debilitating injury from a handgun being wielded by a madman does not give them immunity from being exposed for the liars and sicks SOBs that they are. My feeling sorry for him only goes so far. They can no longer depend on Jim's injuries to provide cover for their Very Brady anti-American ways. It is not America's fault that James Brady took a bullet to the head meant for President Ronald Reagan. Why then should American citizens give up their right, no their obligation, to defend themselves and their families because the Brady's want to lash out? I don't find James Brady Christ-like as he and his wife, since they suffered for you, demand that all of America suffer for them! Yet this is how they act, and in some cases have been treated in a sympathetic America.

It is time to call a spade a spade. I see the Brady's as social policy terrorists. Rather than carefully, methodically and scientifically collecting data and facts, the Brady's have set out on a campaign of hysteria, misrepresentations, dirty tricks and bogus propaganda. It is clear to me that they have played off of James Brady's sad injuries to gain sympathy and knee-jerk support for their "cause". It is obvious that they do not care about the average American and how much he and his family will have to suffer by being rendered defenseless. They show no care or concern that history has shown repeatedly that genocide is preceded by citizen disarmament. They deny an individual's right to self-defense and insist that any defense a person gets, must be provided by the police. Exactly the way James Brady was "defended" when he was shot. In other words, no defense at all! They shamelessly advocate victimhood over self-defense. We should all have to suffer like the Brady's have.

It is my fervent hope that the Brady supporters will wake-up and realize that they are being led by a sick, remorseless, vindictive and twisted husband and wife team. They need to see that they are pawns being led by their emotions straight into a Very Brady America. Or, as some have said, they are being led into Hell. America needs to see that the Brady's ill-will towards Americans is very real. They need to see that the Brady's are NOT here as the bearers of salvation. Rather they are here as false prophets and as two of the morons marching us straight into damnation.

****Notice: The preceding was an editorial. By definition it contains the writer's opinions, observations and perceptions.****

Thursday, September 04, 2003
Why Must Every Nation Fall?

Why is it that no matter how noble the country or how brilliant its founders it eventually falls? If one looks back through history it becomes obvious that this is as inevitable as the eventual death of any living thing. Unfortunately, the U.S.A. seems to be beginning its descent into this type of irrelevance. Despite the fact that it was founded by courageous, brilliant men and despite the fact that it has been a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world, it too is dying. The American experience is no longer about people escaping from oppression, poverty and starvation. Its not about working hard and using the advantages of freedom to make a good life for yourself and your family. And its certainly no longer about being free. In fact the loss of freedom in the U.S. is the bellwether of her fall.

How many things that you used to enjoy as a kid are now either illegal or have been regulated out of existence? Things like fourth of July fireworks or getting a .22 squirrel rifle for your 12th. birthday are almost gone. Did you ever build model rockets with those small rocket engines you bought from the hobby shop? Now most of them are gone due to regulations both existing and proposed. Did you ever own, and carry everywhere you went, an absolute favorite pocketknife? Well now a kid with such a thing in his pocket at school will find himself, at the very least expelled and at the worst, locked up in juvenile detention. Do you ever find yourself looking back fondly on all of those kid things and wishing that you could share them with your son or daughter? Well, if the architects of America's fall have their way, you and your family will never experience those things again.

The loss of freedoms we are experiencing is not just confined to our children. Do you remember how virtually every cop movie ever made talked about suspect's rights at some point or another? You know things like being able to make a phone call, having a lawyer and being able to face one's accusers? Did you realize under the "Patriot Act" these freedoms are no longer a given? Wasn't it always the case that movie cops had to have a warrant to search a home or to wiretap a telephone? Wasn't it always the cops who were "outside" of the law who broke these rules? Didn't everyone know that and knew as well that if that cop was caught, even in the movies, his evidence would be thrown out of court? Well, under the "Patriot Act", that is no longer the least in real life it isn't.

Are you old enough to remember America's distaste for numbering people and requiring "papers" be presented to officials when demanded? Well if you are, then maybe you remember the promise the government made about social security numbers. The government gave us unequivocal guarantees that one's social security number would NEVER be used for identification. How many times have you given your social security number for identification? Or, try to fly or rent a post office box without presenting your "papers" (a picture ID). It just won't happen.

If all of these lost freedoms seem trivial to you then you are like a good many Americans today. Many people have seen these freedoms erode and have thought very little about it. Others have figured that it was the cost of living in the "information age" and have not associated these losses with anything of particular importance. However, those of us that are students of history know that these are all signs of the end of America's great experiment with freedom.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
The Free State Project: An Idea Who's Time Has come

( Is a wonderful concept whereas a large group of freedom-minded individuals have come together to create a truly free state. By selecting just one state in the U.S.A., these folks hope to move in 20,000 like-minded individuals who will then, hopefully, vote for freedom. Obviously such a small group of people could only flex effective political muscle if the state chosen is a small one. This is precisely what they intend to make free. States like Wyoming and New Hampshire are in the running. The selection process is underway as I write this article.

If you have a chance you should visit their website and read about the project in more depth. My article just deals with some of the backlash I expect from the reigning "statists" (folks who believe that more government is the answer to any and all problems). While statism is not unique to the liberals (so-called "conservatives" do it as well, they just do it for different reasons) they are certainly its loudest proponent. It is also the precursor to the end of citizen freedom. The Free State Project seeks to return freedom to at least one state. Please support this project, it could be our last chance!

Preparing For the Coming Statist Storm

The Free State Project (FSP) passed a major milestone in August and the final selection of the home state is underway. Virtually all libertarians, members of FSP or not, are watching this process with great interest. Even some of us cynics find ourselves growing a bit excited at the great potential of the FSP. However, we must keep in mind that the statists/socialists will never accept a Free State and will be compelled, perpetually, to try and dismantle it. Even just one small Free State with a minimal population will not be allowed to stand in peace. The statists know that if a Free State happens, people everywhere will begin to question the loss of their own rights and the crush of an out of control government on their backs.

Up until the advent of the FSP, those ubiquitous socialists had little to fear from libertarians. With the help of their media lackeys they had effectively muzzled and marginalized the message of freedom espoused by those of us who cherish liberty. Cleverly, they branded freedom-lovers as either “selfish or greedy” or as members of the “lunatic fringe”. The statists have been aided by the fact that to understand the true nature of libertarianism the individual must be able to think and do some personal research. Not all libertarian principles make immediate sense or are understood intuitively. Since many people decide their positions on political issues based on emotions, this lack of reason is capitalized on by the statists. They use the emotion-laden issues of the day to ramrod through knee-jerk liberty canceling laws as well as increases in the size and scope of government.

Statism will be seriously threatened by a Free State and don’t think the statists don’t know it. Right now they are in a very delicate position and they are carefully avoiding saying anything lest they provide greater publicity to the FSP. It is important to understand this lack of action because it has been the foundation of their strategy for years. The statists have found that the best way to deal with libertarians and anti-statists is to generally ignore them. They only acknowledge us when for some reason libertarians come to the attention of the public. Then they try to associate libertarians/freedom-lovers with things like anti-philanthropic misers, white-extremist militias and domestic terrorist organizations. Interestingly, this technique is used by both liberal and “conservative” statists. With the help of the liberal news media they have squelched the voices of liberty so effectively that the average person has no idea what a libertarian is. However, I anticipate that we will be hearing the shrill voices of statism very soon now.

As we begin moving to the Free State, and the statists are sure that this project is actually coming to fruition, they will begin both their direct and indirect attacks. One of the first direct things they will attempt to do is mobilize their resources in the Free State to begin a propaganda war against the libertarians moving there. They will attempt to scare the public into believing that we are attempting to “take over” their state and then we will be trying to destroy their way of life. They will tell the seniors that we will be trying to take away their Medicare and their social security. They will attempt to incite the minorities by convincing them that we are really racists bent on destroying all of the progress they have made with anti-discrimination legislation. They will inflame special interest groups by emphasizing how libertarians will take away their government money, tax breaks and laws providing them special treatment. Farmers will be told that if libertarians come to power they will lose their subsidies, their farms and then they will be sent out into the streets, homeless. There will be many more groups targeted by the statist propaganda machine in an attempt to scare the Hell out of their members.

Some of their indirect attacks will be attempts to circumvent the rights of libertarians to live where they want and to act collectively. They will encourage select groups to use one of their favorite dirty tricks. That is coffer-draining litigation (lawsuits) which will attempt to generate de facto laws against libertarian activities in the Free State. An example of this technique is the city-sponsored anti-gun lawsuits against the legitimate gun manufacturers. These, of course, were intended to achieve “gun control” by back door trickery which would result in bankrupting the firearms industry. The Free State lawsuits will be directed at libertarian legislative successes, initiatives and referendums. The statists will hide behind minority and special interest groups while encouraging and facilitating their legal actions against the FSP cause. This is a long-term strategy that will be most effective at slowing down libertarian progress while giving the statists more time to infiltrate the Free State.

I anticipate that one of the most insidious anti-liberty maneuvers will be the covert joining of forces between the liberal and “conservative” statists. It is probable that such a “marriage of whores” behind-the-scenes cooperation will result in peculiar “bi-partisan”, anti-freedom legislation. While such actions will be obvious to us, it is unlikely that the general public will realize what is happening unless they are told loudly and repeatedly. This of course will be difficult unless we also are able to achieve libertarian-friendly, or libertarian-owned, media outlets.

I also anticipate another type of statist legal attack. However, this one will utilize the criminal justice system rather than the civil courts system. As most of us know, state prosecutors and state attorney generals are primarily political positions. And like many other politically selected workers, these government attorneys often lean towards statism as well. Therefore, it will not be surprising to witness pseudo-groundbreaking arrests and prosecutions for Conspiracy, Sherman anti-trust violations, RICO violations and alleged criminal acts involving the new “Homeland Security” anti-terrorism laws. With the greatly increased powers granted to the government, by the government’s “Patriot” acts, it is likely we will see politically motivated investigations and prosecutions similar to what is now seen in third world countries and some very statist European nations. It is not too hard to imagine that the tremendously expanded ability of the government to circumvent the Constitution will allow for some really scary scenarios. This would include such things as completely “legal” secret trials, libertarians being arrested and held indefinitely without being formally charged and “secret” evidence used to convict a political arrest victim that cannot be refuted since the victim cannot cross-examine the source. Don’t believe that it can’t happen in America. Twenty years ago no one would have believed that fascist legislation like the “Patriot” acts would have ever made it out of committee, much less sail through congress with no real opposition.

The FSP is one of the most promising strategies that libertarian minds have created to date. It contains all of the elements necessary for the first substantive steps in reigning in an out of control government. The FSP even generates hope in some older, curmudgeonly and skeptical libertarians (yours truly-D.M.). However, all libertarians need to be aware that the benefits of the FSP will not be achieved without a constant fight and perpetual vigilance. There is, and will be even more, opposition to the ideals of libertarianism and anti-statism as the FSP becomes a reality. Statists of all persuasions and ilks will be hurling themselves at the Free State in attempts to suppress the coming revolution in the public’s view of statism. In fact, American statists have never faced, nor have they anticipated, such a powerful anti-statist foe as the FSP. As such, those folks who are part of the FSP, as well as many other supportive libertarians, are facing a battle with an incredibly desperate enemy. We need to anticipate, and prepare for a barrage of political chicanery, dirty tricks and unconstitutional assaults against the FSP and its members. After the Free State selection is finalized it will be time for all libertarians to achieve what we have rarely been able to in the past. That is to work collectively towards a specific goal (a libertarian Free State). The organizers and “shakers and movers” of the Free State should be commended for their bold and creative project. However, they cannot be expected to also insure the success of the Free State itself. That is a job for all libertarians! I, for one, am grateful for the opportunity.

Yikes! It has been too long and no amount of apologizing will excuse my lack of blogging. However, I have been exploring some rather fascinating new areas of interest. In fact, I will be posting on a movement underway known as the "Free State Project" (FSP) ( It is a wonderful concept whereas a large group of freedom-minded individuals have come together to create a truly free state. By selecting just one state in the U.S.A., these folks hope to move in 20,000 like-minded individuals who will then, hopefully, vote for freedom. Obviously such a small group of people could only flex effective political muscle if the state chosen is a small one. This is precisely what they intend to do!

Anyway, I have been researching the concept and have generated a few writings of my own on the FSP. Please check back in a few days to read about some of both the good and the bad of this project. And, as always, thanks much for the email. Hopefully, the fact that I answer each one individually (so far) will make up for my decrease in productivity here. Standby for more!

Thursday, March 13, 2003
My sincerest thanks to the JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) for listing my articles in their "Unpopular speech" section!

This unique and very active organization is dedicated to preserving firearms rights for ALL upstanding American citizens. They are currently working on a movie titled "Innocents Betrayed". It promises to be very influential in the pro-gun rights arena. If you would like to know more about the JPFO and/or their new movie, please go to:

If you are interested in their work and their principles, please consider obtaining membership in their organization. They represent the gun rights interests of ALL PEOPLE and ALL RELIGIONS in America.

Saturday, March 08, 2003
America's Liberal Jews: A Study in Stupidity!

Why would a group of jewish people advocate and support the very people who are bent on promoting the Palestinians and villifying Israel? Why would these same jews support the very socialist/communist principles which have resulted in their oppression in virtually every country where said prinicples are practiced? What is wrong with these jewish people who advocate eliminating gun rights when this very action by Adolph Hitler helped set the stage for jewish extermination? Can this all be attributed to mental disorders, retardation, brain damage or just plain stupidity? It appears to me to be a case of institutionalized moronism.

Rather than seeking alliances with people who would support them and not stab them in the back, these jews chose to align themselves with the a large group of latent anti-semites. It seems that this came about because in their zeal to be regarded as long-suffering victims-turned-civil-rights-boosters, these jews chose the left because of the left's so-called dedication to championing the oppressed. Since they have been loudly supporting this cause for years they now find it difficult to remove their collective feet from their collective mouths and disavow their affiliation with the turncoat left. Many of these jewish people are from the northeastern part of the U.S. where urban-based socialism infects every level of government. If left to their own devices, these people would help engineer the next wave of jewish genocide.

I really am at a loss to explain why even these morons can't see, or don't care about the self-destruction they are supporting. In reality I wouldn't be overly disturbed if, by their own hand, they managed to wipe themselves out. However, their actions not only affect themselves but also other jews as well as all of the citizens of the U.S.. They finance and vote for candidates who will act against Israel as well promote rights-stealing "big government". In a highly visible way they have run their mouths and stumped for all of the necessary precursors to oppression and persecution. They full well know that socialism/communism is no friend to the jewish people (for example the former Soviet Union's persecution of jews is well known). Yet they persist in their folly, seemingly bent on martyrdom.

I for one object to these people and their suicidal political affiliations. I am ashamed of them for supporting the left and its growing animosity towards Israel. I am totally disgusted by their rush to take away a citizen's right to self-protection as well the individual citizen's hard-won constitutional rights. Most of all I detest them for their arrogance and warped perception of the joys of victimhood. In reality these people are very close to becoming traitors to the American constitution, Israel and their fellow jews. I see nothing noble in their cause and consider them as anti-semitic as their liberal left brethern. Furthermore, I consider their ingratitude towards America's precious individual rights as extremely shameful. In my opinion they do not deserve the rights and protections of this country. In fact, if they can't appreciate America's individual rights, its support for Israel and its sanctuary for fellow jews, they need to leave!

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

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New Anti-Drug Commercials for Retards Only!

I have to give them credit for one thing. At least they are persistent. But the new anti-drug commercials would only have an effect on a complete moron. Fearful that the current spate of marijuana decriminalization iniatives will affect their funding, the gov't has redoubled its anti-marijuana propaganda. Unfortunately, like always, the information supplied by the gov't. is misleading, exaggerated or an outright lie. This does nothing for their cause and makes them look stupid for not having learned their lesson about lying the first time. I will reiterate it for them here, to wit:

Lying to people, especially young people is a guarantee that they will try or do the thing lied about!

One of the the most hilarious lines in the anti-marijuana commercials is "'s more dangerous than we all thought". It seems the gov't has forgotten all of its previous anti-marijuana commercials. In the past the gov't. made up all kinds of things including the so-called "fact" that marijuana is a "gateway" drug and will almost always lead to using harder drugs. That little fib came back to haunt them when the scientific studies demonstrated that MOST marijuana users do not go on to harder drugs. They also warned us about the serious risk of addiction to marijuana even though those same studies came back proving that MOST kids who try marijuana do not go on to use it continuously in adulthood. Furthermore they warned of vague health risks that not only were never substantiated but missed the mark regarding the fact that smoking marijuana actually does carry a risk of lung disease. So, when the kids found out the gov't. was lying to them, they of course felt more inclined to smoke pot not really understanding that it could harm their lungs.

One of the commercials that actually made me laugh was the one where it shows a young adult confessing to all sorts of heinous acts (murder, bombings, terrorism, etc.). The commercial goes on to state that buying drugs supports all of these criminal activities. What they "forgot" to tell you was that if they did not have the current stupid drug laws (and the "War on Drugs") there would be NO PROFIT IN SELLING DRUGS! In other words, the organized criminals would get out of the business because changing the laws would make their services no longer necessary. So, in reality, it is the gov't. who is supporting those crimes and terrorism by refusing to decriminalize certain drugs. But with a little verbal sleight of hand, they are hoping to convince mentally-challenged Americans that such crimes are THEIR fault.

But back to the matijuana-specific commercials. One of them shows a car full of dope-smoking young people running over a kid on a bike. Then it goes on to state a "statistic" that a 1/3 of traffic accidents involve marijuana use. WOW that's a lot! However, what they "forgot" to tell you was that it was rarely, if ever, the SOLE drug in the person's system. In reality the accidents virtually ALWAYS involve either alcohol or other more dangerous drugs. implication we are supposed to believe that marijuana was the reason for the accidents. And if you believe that, I have got a nice bridge to sell you!

Another anti-marijuana commercial shows a teenage boy and girl partying and then shows the boy preparing to slide his hand into the girl's blouse. Then a spiel about how smoking marijuana clouds your judgment and would cause youngsters to have sex when they normally wouldn't. Of course there is absolutely no statistical support for this and the best that is shown is that rebelious kids tend to have sex early and are more likely to experiment with marijuana. Duh...News Flash! Bet you didn't know that did ya?

The problem with all of this nonsense is that the real dangers of smoking marijuana are ignored. Once the kids find out that marijuana does NOT cause all of the bogus problems attributed to it, they figure ALL anti-drug information is a lie. Most kids, if you ask them, do not know the dangers of smoking anything but tobacco. So rather than tell the truth and get some respect from the youngsters, the gov't. chooses to lie, exaggerate and misrepresent. If they would just admit that from a social point of view, marijuana is the most harmless popular drug out there. Compared to alcohol it has virtually NO bad social effects. But to do that would be admitting that they are wrong in pursuing and jailing thousands upon thousands of people for marijuana law violations. Furthermore, since a substantial amount of the gov't's anti-drug money is used to combat marijuana use, the gov't. fears it will lose it if marijuana is decriminalized.

Folks, having to endure government propaganda is not just for citizens of other countries. The practice is alive and well in America. To make matters worse, our gov't. lies and and attempts to deceive people in order to further its own agenda. Its anti-marijuana message is only intended to help the gov't. maintain or increase its level of funding. In reality, simply decriminalizing it would do tremendous harm to organized criminals and help prevent the unfair incarceration of so many of our young, productive people. Yes, this would mean there would be less money needed for law enforcement, prisons and courts but is that REALLY a bad thing? Oh, and if you have questions about marijuana's lied-about addictive and dangerous qualities, ask yourself a couple of questions. Did I become addicted after I tried marijuana in my youth? Did I develop any health consequences from that use? In fact, ask yourself about any of the gov't's claims regarding pot's terrible effects. Did you experience any of them?

One final thought. How do you think your life might be different if you had gotten caught sharing a joint with a friend, then charged with the felony of distribution and being sent to prison for 10-20 years? Do you think YOU would have deserved that? Why then are we letting our legislators pass these stupid laws that will affect OUR sons and daughters? JUST SAY NO TO MORONIC MARIJUANA LAWS! (DO tell your kids about the dangers of smoking ANYTHING and that smoking marijuana can cause you to get fat {because of increased appetite})